Strip #73

October 30, 2006

A lot of people questioned the meaning behind this comic after it was published, so I thought I should go ahead and clear things a bit.

My initial intent with this strip was to introduce the counselor as a character who knew of the Guardians' existence and would target kids who he suspected had them. By convincing a child that their "imaginary friends" were not real, he could break the bond between them and cause a Guardian to lose the connection to the child. This essentially turns him into a villain of sorts.

And this is also why Seth drops the book — it's hinted that he started to "lose his hold" on Peter. Extremely vague, I know.

The problem with this, I came to realize, is that the overall story behind the comic isn't really the kind that requires dedicated villains like that. I don't want some evil entity targeting Guardians, or even a "Devil" counterpart or anything like that. So ultimately I abandoned the concept and haven't brought the counselor back since. The only remnant of the idea is what you see here.