Comic #202: Math's Boring Cousin

March 24, 2014

Recently I’ve been wanting to flesh out the Peter & Company universe a bit more, so I figured a good way to do that is to show more students and teachers at Peter’s school. As such, this storyline will introduce a number of new recurring characters, as well as open up plenty of new cameo appearances.

Notable in this page is the teacher, Miss Maclean, who is a creation of Chalosan, author of the webcomic Las Lindas. She appears with his permission, of course, and will be present throughout this story arc. The other students in the classroom are one-shot appearances, courtesy of HollieHyena, Maxgoof, TonyRingtail, Charonbond, Shupshe, Luke8t88, Alyxvixen, Maxwest1980, and Bobbythornbody. Thanks to everyone who won a slot on this page for watching the streams on Tigerdile!

The character of Mr. Grahame will also be making recurring appearances in the comic from this point out as a regular teacher. All of Peter’s teachers seem to be a bit on the eccentric side.