Comic #208: Mr. Diligence

May 19, 2014

Hey, he technically did write down every book he read. She didn’t ask if he got information from any other sources.

Thanks to a good number of people who all contributed their characters for cameos in this page! Sirdan87 got to have his character added as the third member of Peter and Tracy’s group, and the rest are all from the following folks:

Whitney | CakeOrJess | MikeBlackWolf | MalcolmtheBear | bkomnimon | MaxWest1980 | Tigermark | Flinters | Lonewolf914 | VladiraBloodmoon | AlyxVixen | PandaDerpyCat | Scatterpaws | Aksandfire | Shadowdash18 | Allmadhere | DeanFox | Alandalice