Comic #209: Tracy's Sneak Attack

June 9, 2014

This is another childhood episode that — believe it or not — really did happen to me. In 7th grade, I was put into a group project with a couple other students, and one girl in particular (who had it out for me the entire year for some reason) decided to completely cut me out of the final grade by telling the teacher that I never did any research.

However, there’s one big difference between the comic version above and the story that inspired it: in the real one, we had to give our report as a 10-minute group presentation to the entire class. The girl chose that exact moment to tell the teacher about my alleged slacker habits, figuring I probably wasn’t brave enough to vocally defend myself in front of 30 other kids (and she was right). Afterwards the teacher actually sided with her, since she was a straight-A student and I was barely making a low C average, so she was obviously more trustworthy. I wound up with a zero for the project.

How will things turn out for Peter here? Well... we’ll see soon.

Thanks to the following folks who contributed their characters for guest cameos on this page: Tracy Maclauchlan | Tygon | Zaruchen | AlyxVixen | Tobi3B | VHBeaver | TristanBeaner | Madcat75 | Luke8t88 | Vosur | LoneWolf914

And a HUGE thank-you once again to Chalosan, author of Las Lindas, for granting permission for Miss Maclean to appear as a major guest in this storyline. This page marks her final appearance — at least for now, depending on if we decide to do a character trade again later, hehe.