Comic #296: The Sales Pitch

December 21, 2020

Coach Braun is one heck of a salesman, but Iggy's mom looks like a pretty hard customer to crack.

After a four-month hiatus, and just in time for Christmas, we're back with a new page! I'm so sorry that we've kept you all waiting for updates... we haven't had a delay this bad in quite some time. This year has been a terrible, stressful mess, and our productivity took a huge hit. In the end, we only managed to produce 10 new pages of Peterverse comics this entire year (5 each of Peter & Company and Peter & Whitney), and that's left these stories kind of frozen in time.

Things are starting to improve though, so Whitney and I are working on finding our groove again. Hopefully we'll get back to more regular updates as our world (and everyone else's) starts returning to normal.

Please continue to stay safe, everyone! We'll be back with more updates very soon!