How Peter Met Seth: Page 1

December 21, 2004

And our story begins with Peter, a lonely (and bored) young cat, doodling in his notebook.

If this if your first time reading this comic series, welcome! I hope you enjoy this story I’ve been crafting for a good chunk of my life now! This first portion was originally a 9-page comic that was published in the first Peter & Company book collection. For over a decade I kept it exclusive to the book, but over time I realized that this really should be included in the online archives, since this is a vital part of the overall story. So, around late 2023, I finally made the decision to add it as the official starting point of the series. This story now segues directly into the original opening strips of the comic, but provides more context as to why Peter was assigned Seth as his Guardian in the first place.

Note: the publication dates on these pages are back-dated simply so they will appear first in the archives, ahead of the original first strips of the series. These pages were actually drawn in late 2009 in time for the publication of the first print collection in 2010.