Comic #147: Marketing Research Failure

August 30, 2010

I went through and colored each individual rock with markers with the intention of selling them in place of the clay flowers. On the first day that I opened shop after preparing almost two dozen of these "decorative stones," who is the first person to walk by the shop but the very neighbor whose yard I had swiped the stones from in the first place. Coincidentally enough she had been wondering where the rocks had been disappearing to over the past couple days.

I lost my video game privileges for a couple weeks for this little stunt. Fun times!

Also, this is the first "Hidden Einhorn" in a page of Peter & Company. Once I started doing art streams online, a mascot was adopted for the channel in the form of Einhorn, a goofy-looking unicorn. On this page you can see him on one of the rocks that Peter made. I decided to start hiding him in random spots after this point, so keep an eye open and see if you can spot them all throughout the rest of the series.