Comic #158: NudyBoy, Party Crasher

June 13, 2011

Okay, a bit of explanation is required for this page.

Way back in the mid-90’s, my brother Donnie and I were total SNES addicts. One of the games we played like crazy for a long time was Uniracers, a high-speed sidescrolling racing game starring a fleet of riderless unicycles. Each unicycle was a different color, and the game allowed you to rename the ones you used. Our favorite was the flesh-toned racer, which we dubbed "NudyBoy." Good ol’ NudyBoy had all the tracks unlocked, all the gold medals, and all the highest scores on every track (often having the entire leaderboard on a single track with nothing but NudyBoy scores).

When I posted the first cameo-filled page of Whitney’s party, Donnie posted a comment on the page demanding that NudyBoy make an appearance. The concept of a sentient unicycle crashing Whitney’s party and flaunting his gold-medal-fueled ego in front of her admittedly was leaning a bit too close into "Inside Joke" territory for my tastes at first, but the concept was too hilariously random to pass up.

So, here he is, in all his flesh-toned glory. Another piece of my childhood embedded into the pages of this comic.

Many thanks goes out to the following folks who contributed their characters to this page:

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