Comic #160: Chelsea's Intentions

June 27, 2011

I admit, Peter should have known better than to take Chelsea’s word for any sort of truth. Even though Ezzy already put her in her place once before, apparently the bear is finding new methods to reach through and ruin his life. Including, apparently, putting her own friends at risk of injury.

Yeah... if Chelsea hadn’t established herself as the most-hated character in the comic before now, she likely will be after this.

This was the final page of Whitney’s party to feature character cameos from other artists! A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who offered their creations to appear as guests at Whitney’s party over the past few pages. Shout-outs for this page (standing behind Chelsea in the angry mob) include:

NB The Dragon | Leons1 | GrandDragoon | Taggs-TC | Spirit Studios 2011