Comic #175: Did You SEE That??

February 13, 2012

Peter is slowly starting to realize that he might actually make it through the day alive after all.

The crowd scene in this page is another huge group shot of other artists’ creations, offered up for cameos with their permission. Last week’s call for characters resulted in a new record for total characters in one page — 25 total (22 being cameos). It was a blast putting this page together over the course of several evenings on the Inking Room, and much thanks goes out to the following folks who contributed:

Christopher Wade | Muddypaws | RelaxingDragon | Heuvadoches | Darkario | Spirit Studios 2011 | KGYiff | Glitterbaby Kitty | Moonsango | GeminiJC | thetacoslave | DiabloDragon | Thwaitesy | Piperhorns | KaoNinjaratzu | Dozer | OtakuMan24 | Flynn | Garfieldo | Taggs