Comic #176: The Truth Hurts

February 27, 2012

So Peter was literally less than a minute away from being able to see Chelsea get knocked the heck out for the third time. Three times getting punched in the last few story arcs... one would think Chelsea would learn her lesson by this point.

Also, a peculiarly large number of students seem to be a little too happy about Chelsea getting floored. Makes you wonder if she has a bit of a reputation for being a punk around the entire school, instead of just to Peter.

This was another another page of character cameos, with slots being filled by folks who submitted their creations during the Livestream shows. The main girl chatting it up with Peter and sharing her eyewitness account is GlitterbabyKitty. The rest of the character cameos, in no particular order, are:

DYW14 | Ironmania2003 | BrotherFluffy | NBBowler | KitSkyFire | Comitatus | Giggman | Tkitcs | KaoNinjaratzu | SorcererLance | Xion