Comic #200: Chelsea the Spy

March 10, 2014

UPDATED NOTE: This page actually is the final appearance of the "Ghost Hunters" in this series. Years later (in late 2023) I realized that these two goofballs didn't really fit in the overall story I wanted to tell in P&C, so I made the decision to abandon a third chapter I had planned for them. Initially, Chelsea was going to have been keeping tabs on Peter's weirdness after Ezzy told her about their house being haunted. I had planned for Chelsea to send her findings to the Ghost Hunters as a way to give them a reason to come back for a third time, but... why? Why the heck would she do this? Did they pay her to keep tabs on Peter, and if so, why would they pick HER to do it? She never once interacted with them at any other point in the comic, so it just felt too random and hard to believe.

So yes. Much like the Guidance Counseler episode, this was a case of me jumping into a story before I had it fully fleshed out, and realizing after the fact that it was honestly a terrible idea. So, consider this page a relic of an abandoned plot point, and just ignore the fact that Chelsea sent all her collected data to them; I much prefer that to be just a quirky habit that she has, to hint at her obsession with Peter. The Ghost Hunters also have been officially removed from their future appearances in the comic, since the series really doesn't NEED to have an artificial outside villain.

I will be leaving this comic in the archives just for preservation's sake, and the original commentary for this page is also preserved below, but again, consider this page to now be non-canon. It has officially been retconned into nonexistence.

Over the past 100 pages or so, Chelsea has been routinely seen spying on Peter from afar. Now we finally see what she had been plotting all along. This opens up a whole slew of questions, too... like what exactly does Chelsea think she knows...?

This is also the first time I've shown Dr. Victor Munchkinn in full color in the comic (yep, that's the diminutive ghost hunter in the last panel). I recently had to come up with a final color scheme for both him and Fritz after I realized they had never appeared outside of the old grayscale pages.