Comic #219: A Glance in the Hallway

November 10, 2014

Wait, so was Chloe eyeballing Peter in the hallway? Or perhaps Seth has a sudden infatuation with her? This page just raises all sorts of questions.

In other news, the Peter & Company Patreon campaign has been renovated a bit: it is now on a per-month basis rather than per-comic. As such it shifted a bit of the values around, and the cumulative total fell under $250, meaning that grayscale updates are on hold until the total raises back up again. This page really needed at least SOME grays, though, to really help with the readability. If you enjoy the comic and would like to support both it and the upcoming animated series, please consider pledging on Patreon!

Another page full of cameos! Many thanks to the following folks who populated the school's hallway with their characters:

Dutch (of Misty the Mouse) | MistressSin | Kittybird | MajorMattMason | SorcererLance | Ashra | HelloWorld | Zody | Calypso_Laforet | Arron | OrsonFoe | AlyxVixen | Thwaitesy_Wolf | Tornado_Wolf | Epsilon | DiabloDragon | Glitterbaby Kitty | Cornelius Noir