Comic #229: Worm World

March 30, 2015

This page was part of the April Fool's Day prank for 2015. In addition to derailing the current story with a random page of goofy worm-ness, I also had the worms completely take over the actual website as well, rebranding everything as "Worm World" for the entire week.

A bit of a history lesson here: Worm World was actually my first attempt at creating my own original comic series as a little kid. I had always tried drawing simple little comics throughout my childhood, using things like my GI Joe's for poses, but once I reached middle school I decided to try and come up with a series all my own. My first idea was for a comic about a tribe of worms that were struck by lightning and given the ability to speak, which I called Worm World.

One of the most frequent comments I hear about the worms is the inevitable comparison to a few worm-themed video game franchises. The original notebook full of Worm World comics was drawn back in 1992, several years before the Worms PC games or Earthworm Jim would make their grand debut. Sometimes several people just happen to get a similar idea all around the same time.

This page/prank was the first time I had drawn a dedicated Worm World page in almost 20 years. Based on the readers' reactions to this one, I'm now wondering if I should create a spin-off comic starring the Worms, or at the very least give them more dedicated pages like this in the future. We'll see!