Comic #233: Of Cats and Heartbreaks

June 15, 2015

This is a rough lesson to learn: Even if you've got multiple chances to do something, don't let any of them go to waste.

The mystery boy locking lips with Whitney here is a new character who will be given a proper introduction soon. Our initial thought was to give the role to a cameo slot, but ultimately decided against it and just went with a character of Whitney's own design. His name and other such details will be revealed in due time.

Speaking of cameos, this page sets a new record for the most individual characters in a single page: 32 separate characters! And since it took me close to three weeks to finish this dang-blasted page, I likely won't be pushing to break that record again anytime soon, lol.

Thanks to the following folks who contributed their characters to the page:

Flexico | Turbo | Kurrion | Bast_TW | Glitterbaby Kitty | MajorMattMason | TheMrAmp | Captain Video | Lobopunk | AlyxVixen | RandoChris | CR_Wolf | DiabloDragon | Tornado Wolf | Microbuss | HelloWorld | Tygon | Ironmania2003 | Ren | Nixie | Dipper | Bobby Thornbody | Calypso Laforet | Davoerlo | Zoie Falcona | Alyvrius | Render