Comic #298: The Gopher Hole Incident

May 24, 2021

And as this story arc finally wraps up, we end with a depiction of what is 100% a true story, and what came to be known amongst my friends in high school as the infamous Gopher Hole Incident.

Back in 9th/10th grade, my friend Kevin (one of three individuals Iggy's character is based on) and I would stay after school at least once a week just to have fun in the computer lab. These were the days when 56K modems were the standard at home, so the school labs were the best way to get super fast internet. One day, as all the buses were loaded full of students and moments from departing, Kevin and I decided to run to the 7-11 next door to the school and grab some snacks. As we were running across the lawn, the buses began to leave alongside us...

...and at that exact moment, in mid-stride, my foot sunk into the ground, having stepped directly into what we figured out later was a gopher hole. I fell — HARD — tumbled a good 10 feet, and ended up laying flat on my back with my jacket and backpack covering my face.

Right in front of a good 60% of the school, as it happened in clear view of the buses.

I could actually hear the laughter from the kids on the bus (AND from Kevin, who was laughing so hard he had to sit down). I wound up laying in place for several minutes with my face completely covered, until I couldn't hear the buses anymore, just to decrease the chances of anyone figuring out who this dingbat was who just laid himself out on the ground.

And now this embarrassing tale of personal injury is now immortalized in these pages for all to see. To this day Kevin and I still laugh about it, and now you all can as well. Enjoy!