Comic #299: Whitney the French Hornist

September 27, 2021

Peter and Company as a series has always been mostly based on stories from my childhood, retelling things that actually happened to me. For a while now, we've also wanted to insert stories from Whitney's childhood into the series as well.

So HERE IT IS: The first page of Whitney and Company! These will be occasional side stories focusing on Whitney's side of things and sharing fun little tales from her time growing up.

In this case, this is the 100% true story of what happened to her when she joined band class one year and signed up to play French Horn. She had several friends in band and it sounded fun, so she jumped right in!

...and, well...

Many thanks to the following folks on the Peterverse Discord who offered up their characters for cameos on this page: Bakertoons | Roxanne DuMont | Davoerlo | Thestooge2222 | Zero | ZathanB | TsuTheBookGuru | mchobbit | Malydude | carlfoxmarten | ThomasBlueWolf