Meet the Team: Jonathan and Whitney Ponikvar

Jonathan Ponikvar is a comic artist, animator and musician. He has been studying his passion, the comic art form, since 1998 and has been developing his work over the years. Peter and Company was his first experimental comic and existed in a few other forms before taking on the Guardian storyline.

Jonathan’s original influences include the classic Looney Tunes cartoons and animated shorts of Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. In 2002 he began attending the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), earning his Bachelor’s degree in Sequential Art. The training he received at this school gave him a greater love for traditional medium, spawning his practices in brush inking, hand-written lettering, and ink wash/watercolor painting. After a few years of Master’s training — but just shy of earning his degree — he moved back home to northern Virginia, where he currently lives with his wife, Whitney, who was also a SCAD student, majoring in Illustration.

Presently he works as a professional web developer while continuing work on his own comic and animation projects, with plans for publishing them through various channels.

Jonathan and Whitney's other comic project is Peter and Whitney, a direct sequel series to Peter & Company that details the two characters meeting again in college and falling in love. Together the two comics form what they refer to as the Peterverse.

To contact the author directly, either send an e-mail via, or if you have Discord, speak with them both directly by joining the Peterverse server!