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Peter is a 12-year-old tabby cat who has spent his childhood so far as a social outcast. A bit of a loner and socially awkward, he has had trouble with bullies both at school and in his own neighborhood, ultimately preferring the company of himself and a video game or sketchbook over that of other kids.

That all changed the moment Seth appeared in his life. A white-suited duck whom only Peter can see, Seth has been assigned as Peter's Guardian, and as such remains by his side both as an invisible companion and a source of guidance and wisdom.

Throughout the comic Seth never forces Peter to do the right thing, often leaving it up to the young cat to decide the right path for himself. Based on how things have gone so far, Peter still has a long way to go before he no longer needs Seth's help.

First Appearance of Both: Strip #1

Igneous T. Gecko, aka "Iggy," is another 12-year-old with a special invisible friend. As a more carefree child, Iggy is usually happy-yet-oblivious, and has a history of finding himself in precarious situations. Upon meeting Peter, he immediately becomes a loyal (yet goofy) friend.

Iggy's assigned guardian is Skin, a snake with a lisp. Overly protective of Iggy, Skin usually sticks to him like glue wherever they go and is a bit high-strung because of it.

First Appearance of Both: Strip #8

Chelsea is a young foster girl who lives across the street from Peter. An aggressive girl and bit of a ringleader in the neighborhood hierarchy, Chelsea has chosen Peter as the target for her attention. She is the primary bully in Peter's world and regularly gives him a hard time, despite being best friends with his sister, Ezzy.

Chelsea also has a Guardian, similar to Peter and Iggy, but hers is a special case: Persephoni is known as an "Elite" Guardian, or one that can shapeshift in order to interact with people in the real world. Assuming the identity of Chelsea's pet bunny Pearl, she exists solely as a source of love and companionship for the young bear; as a girl without a real family, Chelsea needs it more than most.

This also means that since Chelsea is unaware of Pearl's true identity, she is unaware of the Guardians' existence and thus cannot see them. To her, Pearl is just a normal pet bunny, nothing more.

Chelsea's First Appearance: Strip #18
Persephoni's First Appearance: Strip #42

Ezzy (short for Esmerelda) is Peter's twin sister, and is very much the opposite of him in many ways. Whereas Peter is creative with art and music, Ezzy is more of an athletic tomboy. Peter is socially awkward and has trouble keeping friends, while Ezzy is popular. She even is best friends with both Peter's worst enemy (Chelsea) and his crush (Whitney).

She has no need for a Guardian, so Ezzy is completely blind to Seth's actions around Peter. Yet she still thinks there's something strange in the house, which leads her to believe that their home is haunted.

First Appearance: Strip #18

Whitney is a young purple cat who moves in to Peter's neighborhood one day and becomes friends with Ezzy and Chelsea. On first sight, Peter immediately falls head over heels for her and becomes completely incapable of even talking to her.

Personality-wise, Whitney shares quite a bit in common with Peter, particularly in terms of their interests. She is into art and creativity, video games, RPG's, comic books, and other geek-related subjects. It's just a shame Peter's too shy to get more than a few words out at a time.

First Appearance: Comic #101: Of Cats and Crushes

Korgar is a massive beast of an orc who teaches math at Peter's school. He typically is preceded by a loud, thunderous stomping as he approaches the classroom each day. He speaks with a perpetual outdoor voice and often sends his pupils flying through walls with a swing of his hammer -- and that's if they got the question right!

He also keeps an army of 37 kittens in the drawer of his desk. His "minions," as he calls them. Don't question it.

First Appearance: Comic #76: Enter KORGAR, Math Teacher!!

The Worms are essentially the tiny gremlins of the Guardian universe. Eternal troublemakers, they thrive on chaos and love to torment those who cannot see them. They are thieves, pranksters, and con artists, but are limited to using objects within the environment to pull off their schemes.

The only thing preventing them from inflicting pain directly on the world's population is a Guardian law stating that they cannot touch individuals who are blind to them. So instead, they truly enjoy focusing their attention on those who CAN see them: i.e. kids with Guardians, like Peter and Iggy.

First Appearance: Strip #28

Jeff is a disgruntled monkey postal worker who delivers the mail to Peter's neighborhood.

Eddy is a cheerful blue dog who follows him around and pesters him while he's on the job.

And one of them may be more than meets the eye.

First Appearance of Both: Strip #49

Dr. Victor Munchkinn and Dr. Fritz are two outrageously-accented scientists who specialize in the paranormal. Initially called to Peter's house by Ezzy (in a panic over what she thinks are ghosts), these two always bring a new bevy of scientific equipment to try and obtain proof of paranormal activity.

As their plans continue to grow in scale and boldness, just how far will they go to find ze spooky ghosts?

Dr. Munchkinn's First Appearance: Strip #57
Dr. Fritz's First Appearance: Strip #59